Beer and Bike tours started with a drinking club in Japan. Bob and Simon started riding on Thursday evenings looking for pubs and breweries while talking endlessly about cool bikes and places to explore. Our Japan tours are going back to our roots and give us the chance to share with you the unique culture, food, ale and cycling of Japan. Pair this with small roads, friendly drivers and a culture like no other you will finish our Japan adventrues knowing you experienced the trip of a lifetime!

Our Multi-day Adventures build upon the foundation of our day trips. We start with a plan and then cater it to match the group. All of our tours are designed to complement the days riding with a great beverage experience. Our guides have lived or traveled extensively in the areas we guide so you will always get an inside feel to the area.

Our tours are listed below and we are always around to answer questions and point you toward the perfect adventure for you or your traveling friends and family. If you do not see what we are looking for give a call. We love to create new adventures.

Pour a pint of beer and take a look at our Adventures on Tap. - Cheers, Bob Williams

Kansai Sampler

Our signature trip in our favorite part of Japan. Explore Kyoto’s temples, breweries and whisky distilleries before cycling around Lake Biwa to spots very few foreign tourists ever see. This trip is best under the canopy of Autumn leaves or in the spring while the cherry blossoms are in bloom.


Per Person

10 Days


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Custom Adventures

All of our Japan adventures are small groups and have a custom feel. But if you are looking for something even more unique give us a call and let us set up a magical experience for you.

Easy to Difficult

Built around you