Belgium Scouting Day 2 Oudenaarde

Today has proven to be amazing! Not only did we get to ride the Koppenberg, Paterberg and De Oude Kwaremont. We stopped at a delightful cafe on the Flanders road which was closed but opened up and served us beers for free! The more time I spend in Flanders the more I love the flemish people. So nice and accommodating. I had a chain issue on my bike today and at a random home the man had a full tool kit and got it back together so I could finish our climbs.

We spend the next to nights at the Hotel Leopold in Oudenaarde and aside from it sharing the name with my son it is a really nice place just a couple blocks from the Tour de Flanders museum.

Speaking of the museum the last time I visited was in 2007 with my family and and they have upgraded many things making it even more enjoyable.  We checked out another hotel and tonight will be scouting restaurants and pubs, all in the name of work, so that when you join us here you will get to experience the best of each place without having to search it out.

Along that lines on our tours with support vehicles we will be working with a newer company that has great bike transport vehicles we may use. 

Do not forget you may sign up during our scouting trip and save an extra $100 off the price of the tour.

Cheers - Bob