Beer & Bike Goes Back to Belgium

De Koninck Brewery

We will be spending the next week in Belgium with a number of other tour companies scouting hotels, cycling routes and building the relationships that will make your adventure with us amazing. 

During this trip we be visiting the cities of Antwerp, Brugge, Mechelen, Gent and Oudenaarde. Each of these spots have wonderful spots to visit, eat and drink. But most importantly the routes between each spot is incredible. 

Each evening we will be uploading some photos from the day and our daily high points. If you have any questions or things you would like us to check out let us know in the comments. 

If all of the excitement of Belgium is too much to can sign up for one of our tours. If you sign up while we are in Belgium we will take $100 off the price of your trip. 

Cheers from the airport waiting for the flight to Brussels.