Lizard Head Pass
Glenwood Canyon
Red Mountain Pass
Trail Ridge Road


Beer and Biking allows a person to enjoy the best of both worlds. We search out rides and routes that include rewarding cycling and stunning scenery with quality beer options that will make any beer lover happy.

We love to share the roads and trails in our own backyard. Our Colorado adventures showcase the most enjoyable and exciting parts of the state. From day tours in Fort Collins and Boulder to weekend and multi-day trips throughout the state we will bring you to both new and well established breweries. Colorado has many steep mountains that will challenge your legs and our altitude will often challenge your lungs. But do not let our mountains intimidate you. The greatest challenges reap the greatest rewards. Our guides and adventures help make these challenges possible. Many of our Colorado routes are actually very flat and easy.

Pour a pint of beer and take a look at our Adventures on Tap. - Cheers, Bob Williams