Board of Directors Cycling Holiday

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Over the past couple weeks the Board of Directors was on a two week school holiday. Katy, The crew and I hopped on our bikes and wandered. Our travels took us on a camping, visiting new friends and cities.

Our first stop along the way was the city of Bamberg for a taste of quality German Rauchbier. A short train ride and cycle to our campsite we picked up a couple beers to enjoy while setting camp and watching the sunset. Few things are as calm as a simple camp meal and pint of beer with family.

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Bamberg is a beautiful. It is home to the the largest maltster in the world. Weyermann Malt. Some of you have visited our good friends at Troubadour in Fort Collins so you understand our love and respect for Malt. It was interesting to see on such a grand scale. One of the similarities I found that made me happy was that Weyermann is in a local barley growing area and supplies a huge local craft beer scene. The local beers and breweries were welcoming and full of fun.

After a couple cold nights of camping with ice on the tents we hopped on a trail to Lindau for our main objective for the holiday, Lake Constance/Bodensee. At the end of October in Bavaria it starts to get cold in the evening and the tourism around the lake. we opted to stay at a mix of campgrounds, warm shower hosts and a hotel. Upon arrival and viewing of the lake Suzy suddenly looked very nervous. I do not think she thought the lake would be as big as it was. After a short ride to our campsite and a mix of hot chocolate for the Board and beers for Katy and I we set to sleep to rest for the start of our ride in the morning.

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The best thing about a bike adventure for me is always the ride. As a guide and also a parent it was a blast to share each day with the kids and exploring as we rode. Each day around the lake had a variety of cool experiences from small cafes, apple orchards and vineyards to stunning views of mountains and water. Unlike a supported adventure the we opted self support and carry our own gear and equipment. The kids were each responsible for carrying their own sleeping kit and clothing with occasional food and a ten for them to share. Katy and I carried everything else.

While the goal was to circumnavigate the lake we also wanted to visit Liechtenstein as it was a country none of us had been to yet, and one that as a crew we could cycle across in an afternoon.

After our second day on the lake we turned south to ride up the the alpine country. This night we stayed with a host from Warm showers at their home on the top of the biggest hill the kids have ever climbed. Leopold, 9 years old, struggled a bit at the bottom so we tied a rope to the front of his bike to mine and I helped him a bit with a pull. This was something I have honestly always wanted to try. Wow was it hard. Suzy’s normal happy go lucky style turned into a bit of anger but she used it to ride the whole climb on her own. Super proud of both of them. From Briggetta and Mark’s home we could se more, but not all of the lake and that was awesome.

Photo Oct 26, 10 37 40.jpg

The following day we entered Liechtenstein and had lunch and a pint of beer to celebrate a new country visited. The same hill the kids rode up the day before in about 50 minutes took 11 fun minutes to ride down. After another evening of great hosts we cycled back from Switzerland through Liechtenstein and Austria back to Switzerland to camp for the evening after the kids longest day on a bicycle. 55 miles and over 1,000 feet in elevation later we camped and laughed for the evening.

Waking up to rain the kids showed great resolve and embraced rule # 9 and rode to Konstanz for a nice break for the night. On theme we opted to stay at the budget hotel chain B&B Hotels. The rooms were great and they had a simple nice breakfast which fueled us for the next days rainy ride around the lake. Crossing back through Switzerland we finished with another Warm Shower host in Germany and celebrated with our new friends and slept warm and cozy inside.

The final push was oddly the day with the most elevation gain. Just as we rolled in to Friedrichshafen we were welcomed with a bit of rain but our ride was finished so we smiled and celebrated of Pizza and a beer before taking the train toward home.

All and all the most important thing we learned from the trip was that flexibility and the calm speed of traveling a bike really is the best way to connect and explore new places. If you are interested in cycling Lake Constance I would definitely recommend the off season as a time to go. Everyone we talked to described the peak season as so busy it was hard to cycle. Other than camping options being limited the off season was wonderful and everyone was really nice and helpful. Where was your last adventure? Cheers, Bob