1933 Brewing Company - Grain to Glass

Written by: Laura Sickles, Marketing Coordinator at 1933 Brewing Company

Behind every beer we make at 1933 Brewing there is a story, but this one in particular is very meaningful to Zach and me.

Part of our passion for being in the brewing industry is being able to create relationships and build connections to support our local community.  We had the opportunity to experience this first hand on a Wednesday afternoon with Beer and Bike Tours, Grain to Glass Adventure. 

The tour started at Troubadour Maltings on the north side of Fort Collins.  Chris and Steve gave us a quick tour of their malthouse.  They explained the process and the different types of malt they make, including the malts that we used in our latest beer (that we would be tasting later in the day).  We put our helmets on, took a quick pic, hopped on our bikes, and headed off towards I-25.  We did a little off- roading through a construction site, passed the Fort Collins Visitor Center, as well as a turtle on the trail, and then landed at a beautiful field of barley. 

Then the barley growers met us at the field.  Shaking hands with the men who have been put the time and effort to grow this beautiful barley was really meaningful.  We thanked them for the ingredient they tend to so carefully, and for all their hard work.  This particular field was LCS Genie Two Row.  We held the barley in our hands and learned that in just a few weeks time, this barley would be harvested and soon after would be sent to Troubadour for malting.

After talking about harvest, we were starting to get thirsty!! So, we hopped on our bikes and hit up the Poudre Trail to the Spring Creek Trail to the Mason Trail, and after a total of 6-plus miles, arrived at 1933 Brewing Company.  Zach poured everyone the Troubadour IPA that we had just released that day.  He explained how he created the recipe and why he chose certain malts and hops to make this beer.  The overall consensus of the beer was that it was DELICIOUS.  Plus, it was a cold brew after a long bike ride!! There was something really special in that moment of drinking that beer, after meeting the growers and being present with Chris and Steve who malted the barley, and with the brewer Zach, all within biking distance.  How special to say that this beer was made right here and to know all of the people involved in making this finished product.  Turning raw ingredients into something beautiful and delicious and being able to share it with others is why we are in this industry. 

Zach gave everyone a tour of our little brewery and then in true "troubadour" spirit, we started listening to some tunes, taking turns picking songs on YouTube. The evening was complete with laughter, music, and good company