Everyone is welcome on a Beer & Bike Ride

I have been thinking a lot about how many of my friends and fellow adventure folk must feel after the United States elections. Those of you who know me personally or have ever gone on a ride or had a beer with me know I am not a fan of talking about politics or religion. Unfortunately after our very contentious elections we have seen an increase in hostile and disrespectful behavior. I am writing this because I want everyone to know that you are all, EVERYONE, welcome on a Beer & Bike Ride/Tour/Adventure or to stop by and just say hello and chat. There are so many categories that we as humans can be put into. I do not believe in most of these categories. I basically believe in two...nice people and people who display a willful disregard for the humanity of others, fortunately there are a whole lot more nice people.

Unfortunately as a society there are segments of our population that are not treated equally. Many of my friends have had to fight to be with the ones they love or to simply walk down the street with out being hurt by others and are very uncomfortable right now. I stand with them. 

I say all the time that pretty much everyone is awesome at our best and all of us are horrible when we are at our worst. But with that being said one thing I will not tolerate is the disrespecting of a group of people because of the way they live their life, who they love, who they are, their religious choices, color of their skin, abilities or disabilities. 

What I am trying to say is that our fellow Beer & Bikers are people of all races, colors, nationalities sexual orientations, religions, political affiliation and all look at the world from different points of view. What I ask is that when you come on our tours respect that we may not always agree on stuff but we generally agree that a beer and a bike ride will give us time to learn about each other and enjoy each other for who we are, because we can all be awesome. 

If you enjoy going for a bike ride, drinking a beer, chatting with new people and laughing please join us on a ride. Everyone is welcome on a Beer & Bike ride as long as you are nice.


Bob Williams

Founder of Beer & Bike Tours