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Odell Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Company started in a kitchen in Seattle, Doug Odell had spent ten years refining recipes and playing with brewing processes until he settled on the brewery's first two recipes, although not yet the names – 90 Shilling and Easy Street Wheat. After brewing and kegging his beer, Odell would deliver it, pick up empties, and make sales calls out of his old mustard-colored Datsun pickup.

Favorite Beer: St. Lupulin seasonal extra pale ale

Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium was founded on the seat of a bicycle on a trip to Belgium in the late 80's. The culture and style of this brewery is second to none. We love the tours and of course the beer.

Favorite Beer: La Folie

Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Horse and Dragon Brewing Company

Horse and Dragon Brewing beer should go well with many of your favorite foods and we hope you fall into the habit of stopping by the taproom to say hello and fill your growler with your preferred brand to take home to share at dinner, or of ordering a glass to accompany your meal when you’re out and about in Fort Collins or elsewhere. Our taproom staff (Chad, Abby, Tatum, Trina, & Benjamin, with a couple of others thrown in every now and then) are some of the friendliest beer folk around.

Favorite Beer: Sad Panda Stout

Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Funkwerks Brewing

Funkwerks is a saison-focused brewery specializing in Belgian-style ales. Won best small craft brewery of 2012.

Favorite Beer: Saison

Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour


The most common question we get is, why Equinox ? The equinox, and the intrigue of equal night and day, has deep roots in history and ritual. But, at the same time, the equinox marks the changing of the season, and forces us to look toward the future. We find it interesting that the two days out of the year that have perfect light and dark balance also show the balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation. Beer contains similar elements. Sure, there’s the balance of flavors in a beer; sweet and bitter, rich and simple...

Favorite Beer: Space Ghost IPA

Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Snowbank Brewing

Snowbank Brewing is a departure from the traditional, Snowbank Brewing focuses on innovation and a passion for the Colorado lifestyle.

Favorite Beer: CrankenBrew

Included on tour: Brew Cruise,

Black Bottle Brewery

Black Bottle Brewery first opened its doors back in December of 2012. After home brewing for years Sean Nook, the founder and head brewer, pulled a group together to make it a way of life. And why call it Black Bottle you might ask? Cause’ calling it any other color of bottle just wouldn’t sound as cool. The videos on the website are awesome!

Favorite Beer: Hipster or Carlos

    Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

1933 Brewing Company

1933's mission statement is to “Provide unique, quality craft beer to the consumer within a relaxing, entertaining atmosphere that promotes interaction and education of the craft beer experience”. The co-founders, Cody and Jimmy, have a passion for brewing beers that are high in quality and unique, providing a large range of beer styles to the satisfy the range of consumers that exist in the Ft. Collins metro area.

Favorite Beer: Nut Brown

    Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Zwei Brewing

Zwei Brewing is a German-style brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Located on the south side of town These two brothers are taking German brewing to a new level.

Favorite Beer: Dunkel

Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour , Mountain Bike Adventure

Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing

Bars in Fort Collins are an integral part of Northern Colorado’s nightlife, a scene of fun an excitement that has been heard ’round the world. Welcome to World-Famous Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing. Tucked into the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, CooperSmith’s offers a distinct alternative in eating & drinking establishments. We invite you to enjoy our unique charm.

Favorite Beer: Mischievous Monk

    Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Pateros Creek

Pateros Creek is a Fort Collins father and son venture started by the son Steve Jones. Steve asked his father Bob to become part of his crazy dream in 2008 and with Bob’s business experience and Steve’s beer knowledge, PCBC was born.

Favorite Beer: Cache la Porter

    Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Fort Collins Brewery

The Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern is a family- owned, hand-crafted microbrewery in Northern Colorado, established in 2003. FCB offers an outstanding line-up of 50 ales and lagers that can be found on tap as well as in bottles throughout the U.S. Our philosophy is “Create Share Savor”, as we are inspired to create high quality craft beer… to share with friends and family… and to savor the experience!

Favorite Beer: Maibock

    Included on tour: Brew Cruise, Day Tour

Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen Brewing Company has grown from the small and locally serving brewery into a Colorado brand. We are now packing beer in cans and 22oz. bottles from the new brewing facility located at the Aspen Airport Business Center and distributing to more than 75 bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado.

Favorite Beer: Independence Pass Ale

    Included on tour: Glenwood Springs

Roaring Fork Beer Company

Roaring Fork Beer Company was launched in 2013 by Chase Engel, a long-time professional brewer with a dream of producing creative beers to match the changing seasons. From our home base in Carbondale, CO, we brew, package, and sell exceptional beers for distribution throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. We are dedicated to producing fresh, approachable, and flavorful beers, while continuing to push the envelope with experimentation and barrel aging on a small batch scale.

Favorite Beer: Street Cred Red Rye IPA

    Included on tour: Glenwood Springs