Innsbruck, Austria

Oktoberfest is the ultimate in beer holiday destinations. Join us on a two country cycling adventure finishing at the party in Munich. This adventure begins in Innsbruck, Austria., home of the 1964 and 1976 Olympics. Heading out from Innsbruck we will zigzag through the mountainous border between Germany and Austria to the second Olympic city and home to the highest point in Germay,
Garmish-Partenkirchen. From Garmish we will ride to Fu¨ssen and the famous castle Neuschwanstein. We can thank Ludvig the second for the great castles we will see on our ride. However, the person we should thank is his father. King Ludvig I created Oktoberfest, our final stop on our adventure. We will spend the last two days riding and drinking in Munich!

Adventure Price:

$4000 per person Guided

$2500 per person Self Guided